Never Meet Your Heroes

Conversations with artists about their work, inspiration and their heroes.


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Oct 21st, 2017 by nevermeetyourheroes at 2:13 pm

Our first episode of this podcast is with Raul Pizarro. We discuss goddesses, his art series Songs for a Deaf God and Theatro Del Mundo, Simone Gad, Gronk, Kara Walker, Björk, Iris DeMent and more. Find his art at

Oct 22nd, 2017 by nevermeetyourheroes at 7:33 pm

Meet artist Angel Villanueva who discusses his early life in Baja California, his career as a painter and photographer, being an educator, fascination with paintings, science fiction films and more. Find his work at

Oct 31st, 2017 by nevermeetyourheroes at 8:25 pm

In this conversation with Trebor Healey, he recalls his days in the San Francisco poetry scene, coming to Los Angeles to work on writing fiction, his affinity for fauns and Pan, the Radical Faeries, Catholicism, his mentors Mark Thompson and Felice Picano, how to write your real life into fictional characters, traveling in South America, our rants about Argentina, safe sex, the Los Angeles Public Library, and my rambling about director James Whale. Find more about Trebor at