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Episode 8: Karen Cunningham (Part 2)
Dec 19th, 2017 by nevermeetyourheroes at 11:24 pm

In part two, we discuss her professional career interest in law and violence in the plays of William Shakespeare. Her research into the theatricality of public executions. Description of the Greek & Roman execution known as the Brazen Bull. The political staging of executions. Theatrical nature of execution by quartering in Renaissance England. The political climate of Shakespeare’s time. Cultural implications of the law through the eyes of an artist such as Shakespeare. How the theory of cultural anthropologist Clifford Gertz is applicable to interpretation of constitutional law. Her other Shakespeare interest: gender. She examines the play Measure for Measure. The magic of writers who seem to transcend time. How over the centuries humanity has recurring issues because we cannot solve the complexity of them absolutely. Finally, the art she adores, such as painter Edward Hooper (e.g. Nighthawk, Early Sunday Morning, Railroad Sunset, Seven A.M.), Mark Rothko and the sculpture of David by Michelangelo.

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